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Founder of Now Creatives

Being a YouTube creator comes with a lot of pressure. We help relieve that through video editing services optimised for convenience, saving more of your time, all in the editing style your viewers love.

Oliver Gilpin


Being a YouTube creator can be rewarding in many ways, but as success grows the pressure to consistently post content (both from the algorithm's and viewer's preferences) can be difficult to maintain. As video editors and creators, we realised that one of the best ways to relieve this pressure is by working with a video editing service optimised for quality, convenience and saving time. Which, is what we built. We're now expanding our production services beyond just video editing, to save further time for creators.

After editing 2,400+ videos which have accumulated a combined 3.5 billion+ views, our team has saved thousands of hours of YouTube creators’ time. Would you also like to save hundreds of hours per year? If so, feel free to get in touch.