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  • Are you an illustrator/animator interested in using your talent to meaningfully help the world, while having fun doing it?

    If so – we are looking to hire a talented and experienced 2D Illustrator/Animator for a new YouTube channel we are creating. The YouTube animation format will be “Countryballs”. As some background on the origin of “Countryballs” – check out this Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polandball

    A few example YouTube channels to showcase the Countryballs format and illustration/animation style are No Idea Animation, Kaliningrad General, and Taco Boii. When determining if you have the skills for this role, use the style of these channels for a reference point of what we’d like.

    As already explained, the purpose of analysing history in such a way is to help viewers become aware of their own susceptibility to influence by leaders in the modern-day (as I’m sure we all see around us happening way too frequently). 

    More specifically, we’ll leverage the comedic dynamics, associations, and stereotypes between the countries to prompt lessons. 

    Things we’ll cover as hints/messages/lessons in the content:

    • Touch on cognitive biases
    • Touch on general critical thinking, self-awareness, and media literacy skills
    • Prompt people to learn about group identity, dangers of excessive national pride, etc.

    We’ll share these ideas subtly – and not in all videos. To ensure we maintain the entertainment vibe first and foremost, instead of an education focus (which is irritating to watch as a viewer)

  • With that in mind, the criteria for the role is as follows:

    • Someone who can storyboard, then illustrate/animate in the Countryballs style (in our own unique way that we develop together, but along the lines of the channels above)
    • Someone with a familiarity with the YouTube platform, creator community, etc.
    • Someone experienced with using cut-out animation rigs (like No Idea Animation showcases in his video “How I Animate Countryballs”( and/or some frame-by-frame animation. Although we are open to other types of animation as long as the final result meets the style we are aiming for.


    • Someone with an interest in history and/or geopolitics
    • Someone who loves the YouTube platform, or who wishes to make their own channel


    This role will allow you to act like a YouTube creator of sorts yourself, with creative freedom to develop the videos in a fun, entertaining way. Furthermore, you will get the help of a VO artist and script-writer, so there’s no need to help in these areas unless you’re interested in doing so.

  • This is the second animation channel out of 20 that we’ll launch in the next 5 years. Each channel will be focused on progressing our mission – which is to help build critical thinking and self-awareness into social norms by creating YouTube entertainment with meaningful lessons/ideas within. Our goal is 300M/month views across all channels by the end of 2025. This Countryballs channel will be one of the most important ones, and one of the largest (many millions of views per month).

    Lastly, we recently launched our first channel called OtherWorldly (found by searching on YouTube) – which you may find interesting to see an example of meaningful lessons. After 5 or so videos on this channel, it’ll start growing at speed. We’ve also got the support from some large YouTube creators to advise on our growth once we’ve got some more videos uploaded (they have 500k to 14m subscribers).

    • Consistent work, with a consistent salary. Salary of $1100 to $1750 per month depending upon 1) whether you can project manage the channel (act as a co-creator) and 2) efficiency of your workflow. Once the channel is profitable, a % of Ad Revenue will be provided (which may become significant over time).
    • Backed by a company well-experienced with YouTube
    • Learn about YouTube content ccreation in depth
    • Remote work within a team or independently
    • Exposure to interesting and challenging content (grow skills fast)
    • Opportunity for career growth
    • We provide the initial set of questions to answer on the application form, and you can some of yours – so we can both determine if we’re a potential mutual fit
    • If it seems like we are a mutual fit, there will be a 1-2hr analysis task of a Countryballs channel and your suggestions for developing a Countryballs script
    • If successful, we can do a paid test. Roughly 20s of animation out of a script
    • A selection of such candidates will do an interview with Thales, the illustrator/animator for OtherWorldly (our other channel)
    • A selection of such candidates will do an interview with myself, Oliver
    • 1 main illustrator/animator will be provided a job offer, and potentially 1-2 others can be considered ready for once we scale up the workflow and/or make a new channel later this year

    We will close applications on 28th April 2021.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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