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  • We are based in the United Kingdom and have multiple team members located across the world (primarily Europe) to cater to different turnaround times and languages.

  • Typically we provide a 24hr-96hr turnaround (weekdays) for clients. For short edits and with enough notice we can meet a same-day, 8 hour turnaround. It all depends upon the client’s requirements and what is agreed, although, the shorter the turnaround required, the higher the price.

  • Yes, we certainly will! Our team loves and respects the content we edit and we get joy out of delivering an outstanding service to our clients. We are not your typical company that is just around to provide a service. We're here to provide you with both the care you expect from yourself on your content and also the service reliability, quality, and convenience that can only be achieved through an experienced editing team.

    You can be sure that if we agree on a deadline, we will work into the night to get it completed. Not many editors do this, but we are committed.

    Our unique service allows you to get the best of both worlds: care for your content combined with reliability, convenience, & quality.

  • Our main medium of communication with most of our clients is WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter DMs, or Discord. We choose to stick with fast-messaging applications and recommend avoiding email since the communication speed with e-mail is usually slow.

  • We work to a fixed price which is either:

    1. A weekly fee for a given number of videos or;
    2. A price per individual video (can be done as a set fee for every video of a given format, or by raw footage time).

    Prices reflect the turnaround time, quantity of work, technical expertise required, and a few other factors which can be explained specifically for your content on a call.

    However, if you're just looking for a rough figure, it would be $130-190 USD for a 5-hour vlog or gaming edit, depending on the above factors.

  • Our core expertise lies in vlogs, gaming and kids content on YouTube. It is likely we will have experience with content similar to yours, but if you’d like to know for sure – just get in touch.

  • Firstly, you will have your own dedicated content manager who will liaise with yourself, and be on call through the UTC day to help. They will be the person who then communicates with the editor, reviews each video, ensures deadlines are met and ensures style consistency across editors.

    You will also have one dedicated editor (undertaking 80-90% of the work), a second editor (10-20%), and a third trained back-up. The second and third editors will act as back-ups to cover sick time, vacation, and provide additional support in situations where a fast turnaround time is required or an increase in video quantity occurs.

    So the majority of the time you will have one dedicated editor to make everything as seamless as possible – but we ensure the second and third editors are also able and trained to edit your content.

    Every time we receive feedback from you, the team will create documentation, editor tutorials, and other tools to ensure that every editor is aware of new developments. Your editing style will maintain its consistency throughout your channel, while at the same time the options for developmental editing ideas we can help create (if requested).

  • Our standard procedure is for clients to communicate directly with the content manager.

    The content manager’s role is as follows:

    • To be the highest level of quality control and consistency in editing style for any piece of creator’s content

    • To answer any questions editors have and provide a second opinion so as to avoid interrupting the client whenever possible.

    • To handle the management of the deadlines.

    With the above role in mind, this is why we keep the content managers in communication with the clients – since it saves more client time through less communication and questions to answer from editors.

    We built this system over 2,500+ YouTube videos edited and over 4+ billion views on videos we’ve edited – so we’re confident it is the most convenient set-up for our clients.

  • We, Now Creatives, will sign an NDA with you/your company. This will ensure that legal agreements are set in place to keep your raw content extra safe. Even without the NDAs considered, we take the security of raw content very seriously. We implement processes throughout the company to reduce the potential risk to a minimum. Editors, content managers, managers, and team members sign NDAs with Now Creatives, so at all stages in the process, confidentiality is ensured through legal agreements.

  • Yes, we require our clients to sign an agreement, but nothing that locks you in. Clients can terminate it at any time with no cost.

    We always sign an NDA and VEA (Video Editing Agreement) with clients to ensure that they feel comfortable sharing their raw material.

    The VEA is a legal agreement that covers aspects such as the Compensation Agreement, the clear owner of the edited materials (the client), and a few other points.

  • Yes, we can do a test edit with one video, or a section of one video (your choice). For a 5-minute section of a video, we can do this free of charge and for a full video, this will be in most cases $150-350 depending upon the specifications and raw footage length provided.

    It is risk-free, too, since if you aren't happy with the test edit, we'll provide a full refund.

    Note: for tests, we’ll still sign an NDA, thus ensuring the privacy of your raw footage (or semi-raw if you decide to provide a first cut).

  • Sure, some creators prefer to make the final adjustments themselves as opposed to leaving notes. We use the approach which makes the creator decides is most comfortable. The project files will be sent in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

  • There is no limit. With that said, more revisions will mean more of your time is used up. Our aim is to minimise the time you dedicate to editing.

    Through our process, we’ve found that a second revision is rarely required. Our content managers review each and every version, ensuring the notes left by the client are correctly implemented by the editors. Which is another way of saving every minute of time we can for the creators we work with.

  • All editors use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects as their primary software but we also have team members skilled in other software, such as Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas, if this is required for a specific project.

  • Over 100/100mbps uploading and downloading (which is 3 minutes to upload/download a 2GB video).

  • We use Google Drive or Frame.io for the transfer of footage. If your internet speed is very slow (under 10mbps uploading), it is also possible to compress the files without quality loss before sending them, which will save considerable time. We can explain the process if you need that – just get in touch

  • Our primary library is Epidemic Sounds. We have a corporate subscription with Epidemic Sounds, allowing us to license any client channel without the client paying an additional fee.

  • We send invoices for the previous week’s work each Friday, for payment by Monday. Payments can be done via PayPal, Debit/Credit card (Stripe as the processor), or UK/US bank transfer, either in USD or GBP.

  • Not at all, you can choose to work with us for some videos, and not for others. However, it is worth noting that the more consistent the schedule and the more frequent the videos – the better the price.

  • All copyright for the editing works we do are provided to the client. When you publish your video, you may fully own all the editing we've done in the video (excluding licenses for certain materials, which we have permission to use on your content). To confirm this in legal writing, we have a contract to sign. Which confirms that after we receive full payment from you, the copyright shall be transferred to you. For sample/test edit videos, we can send an IP transfer email instead, which has the same purpose for legal clarity.

  • While we try to keep a relatively standard working schedule, we will work outside of the normal schedule if and when it is needed. All team members join our company knowing the creator workflow requirements and are dedicated to finalising the videos on time, whether within or outside standard working hours. This is the creator community, after-all!

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