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Cohesive Editing Style

We put a lot of our efforts into adapting to each creator's vision & personal editing style through the workflow methods we've developed, and that's why our service works when most others don't. We understand how crucial authenticity is for creators, which is why we focus intensely on tailoring the editing so it looks like the creator did it themselves. The team can also work with creators to innovate and develop their style, if they choose to.


We have considerable experience after 3.5BN+ YouTube views on 2400+ videos we've edited for vloggers, gamers, beauty, educational, and kids content channels on a daily basis. We are accomplished in the art of video editing specifically tailored for creators.

Dedicated Content Manager

A dedicated Content Manager leads, manages and reviews every video before it is sent to our clients. This quality control ensures that videos look like the YouTube creators edited them, improving audience loyalty. Furthermore, it avoids creators becoming editor managers (which can often happen when working with a solo editor). Over many videos, this saves creators a considerable amount of time to spend on more important activities.

Turnaround Time

Our turnaround ranges from 8 hours overnight to a week, depending on the level of editing required, the footage time and the pricing package the creator chooses. This short turnaround time creates considerable convenience for the many creators that need content posted fast.


Having a predictable, reliable and robust service is a necessity for creators to avoid losing valuable time where it matters most. With our service, there are no more unexpected video delays due to editors being sick or on vacation. Nor will you need to act as a backup editor to your solo editor, when they're unavailable! All of this is sorted behind the scenes, saving you valuable time and headspace for more important matters. We provide a service you can be certain about, in an industry that is regularly uncertain. For creators that request it, we can provide this service 7 days a week.


For some creators, it is as simple as uploading their raw clips into Google Drive at night along with some notes and receiving a complete video back in the morning. For creators with more detailed preferences, we use professional video review software ( to finalise all the small details. Both provide a seamless experience by making the process of guiding the editing to your unique vision as well as asking for any revisions easy.