Our Mission

Being a YouTube creator can be rewarding in many ways, but as success grows the pressure to consistently post content can be difficult to handle. Our mission is to help elevate their careers by freeing up their time and giving it back to them to use as they would like to. We believe in the power of creators and want to do all we can to grow their influence through post-production services optimised for quality and convenience.

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our story

We’ve been there ourselves

My love for YouTube started in 2012, when I began creating gaming videos. A few years later, and with many late (but enjoyable) nights editing, I reached 10,000 subscribers. As enjoyable as it was, this journey helped me uncover the difficulties of building a YouTube career, like the considerable effort creators put in to keep up with their evolving audience, the changing industry, keep their posting schedules (relatively) consistent, and much more. Most importantly, I learned that YouTube content requires a different editing approach than traditional media, and each creator has a unique style that moulds to their personality. This is a lesson that has tremendously helped build Now Creatives' approach to video editing - personalisation.

At 10,000 subscribers, I reflected and realised that, while I loved the platform and this new wave of pioneering, entertainment creators, being in front of the camera was just not my thing.

So I started mentoring and advising some creator friends on their content. A few of them grew from 10,000 subscribers to over a million, which was fulfilling to watch and support. That’s why I decided to focus my efforts into helping the creators I knew. And in 2018, that turned into a business called Now Creatives!

Oliver Gilpin Founder of Now Creatives


How We Work

Our Philosophy is simple - to free up creators’ time, by taking the burden of video editing off their shoulders.


At the start of any project we take the time to listen and understand what our clients want to achieve. We assign you a specialized content manager who researches your brand and editing style to know the details that make them unique.


Based on our research, we assign you the right creatives to meet your style. They'll make up your very own team and will understand and care about your content as if it were their own. We adapt to your needs, providing you with a reliable service with a personal touch.


Once we’ve agreed on the way ahead, we get to work doing what we do best—producing exceptional content. You are initially provided with a test edit and an opportunity to leave as many or as little notes as you’d like, allowing you full control over your editing style vision, keeping your content authentically yours.


Whatever you need, you can rely on us to deliver. Whether it’s one video to edit or ten, fast or short turnaround time, we can take care of everything you need to make your production successful, while protecting your authenticity and elevating your content.

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