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We are a team of creatives helping creators free up time, grow, and fulfil their potential.

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After four years of being a YouTube creator himself, and 10k subscribers, Oliver realized that being a public-facing creator was not his calling. Instead, it was to share & develop the knowledge he gained during his journey - to help other creators free up time, and grow. And in 2018, that turned into a business called Now Creatives.


Head of Operations

After years of experience in the fields of Project Management and Business Analysis, Camille parlayed her skills into Program Management and Strategic Planning with large and small enterprises across industries and countries. She loves creating order from chaos— all while focusing on people and creating a healthy culture. She applies this approach daily at Now Creatives to help both team members and clients thrive and achieve their goals.


Senior Content Manager

With her strong background in translation and linguistics, Anahi’s YouTube journey started in translating video scripts for creators. Her skills to adapt the communication of meaning from one language into another helped her become a great content manager, helping others create and enhance a cohesive style that is instantly recognisable.

Arda Erol

Content Manager

Arda started his professional journey as an ocean-going ship officer and traveled the world, during which time he explored many different cultures. He eventually successfully merged his engineering skills with his artistic side and worked as a content manager at an Italian Art Association in Rome. In this role, he had the opportunity to “live” in the Show Business sector for 6 years and sharpened his creative skills which assist him now to grasp creators’ style, improve their video quality and share creative ideas to grow their content at Now Creatives.


Content Manager

Roman’s first big creative endeavor was starting his own YouTube channel back in 2017 that earned him a small but dedicated audience. This experience taught him many unique, creative editing techniques and later helped him get over 30M views for a channel he managed at a media company. His constant need for improvement and passion for sharing his creative ideas led him to Now Creatives, where he’s helping our clients thrive in their niches.


Content Manager

At the age of 12, Eric was introduced by his dad to Adobe Premiere. Since then he has spent hours creating his own videos (gaming, vlog, montages) and mastered his editing skills. His ability to play and create music only helped him to create even more outstanding content, pleasing viewers’ eyes as well as ears.


Senior Video Editor

For some, discovering their passion comes sooner in life, for others, later on. In both cases, it is an eye-opening moment that will guide your life from that moment forward. For Andis, it was when as a teenager he's discovered filming and would spend all his time learning effects to edit with. He has never looked back since.


Senior Video Editor

Being a successful creator himself of a gaming channel with over 10K subscribers, Teimur knows the importance of a well-edited video. His exceptional editing skills were also recognized when editing highlight videos for one of League of Legends' official channels.


Video Editor

For Nemanja, it all started about ten years ago while playing CS 1.6 as a semi-pro player. He made a video with tips and tricks for the game which, to his surprise, quickly accumulated 10K views. That was when he realized it was editing that he wanted to do, turning raw footage into a professional and outstanding creation.


Senior Video Editor

Educated in filmmaking, Bruno knows how challenging (yet rewarding) is passing from raw material to the final product, taking the opportunity to interpret and shape what a creator has created. He’s passionate about the unlimited possibilities and techniques digital video editing provides, making every project a chance to learn something new.


Senior Video Editor

Bogdan’s adventure with video editing started in 2014, when he simply needed to learn how to edit videos for his own YouTube channel. Eventually he started liking the whole editing process more than actually recording videos.


Senior Video Editor

All roads lead to Rome. In Aleksei’s case it was programming and web development at first, but then he started to play games and everything changed. His artistic and creative part took over and led him to the world of editing. Aleksei is devoted to making amazing things that can impress viewers, to making them laugh and feel good.

Daniela Pineda

Video Editor

For Daniela, her job is also her hobby, since she was a kid, Daniela has always been passionate about computers and videos thanks to her dad, a computer engineer. She has now been professionally working as a Video Editor and Motion Graphic Artist for 3 years making videos for YouTubers, Influencers, brands.


Virtual Assistant

Stefana’s professional journey started in the field of political science, statistics and public opinion research. Without her analytical and curious mind and her invaluable help, some of us at Now Creatives wouldn’t get very far. After all, it is one for all and all for one.


Administrative Assistant

With her education in real estate and in clothing design, Natasha’s versatile skills come in very handy. She makes sure to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and tools that facilitate administrative work at Now Creatives.

And Others

...And a few other team members to be added shortly...